vtiger customization services

Vtiger Customization: Copy sum of approved quotes against an Opportunity into Opportunity amount field

When an opportunity accepts a quote and your sales executive updates this approved quote in quote details, we make sure that he doesn’t have to add this entry once again in opportunity details. Vtiger Customization with Automate SMB ensures that the accepted quote automatically gets updated in the opportunity details. If you have multiple quotes[…]

vtiger customization services

Vtiger Customization: Copy Event Description to Parent Comment

When your sales executive creates an Event/To-do related to a contact/quotes/sales order/invoice/leads/opportunity/tickets etc. on Vtiger and updates the description of the event, Automate SMB ensures the same description is automatically updated in the comments section of the related contact/quotes/sales order/invoice/leads/opportunity/tickets etc. This Vtiger Customization reduces the repetitive task of updating the details separately under different sections.[…]

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